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Carp fishing holidays in FranceCarp fishing holidays in France for many of us are an annual trip and therefore it is critical to choose a lake that meets your fishing party’s capabilities and requirements.

Whether you prefer a social drive and survive style trip, an exclusive lake with waterside accommodation or a place where you can take the family our aim to enable you to find the perfect fishing trip to France.

Scroll through the wide range of venues below which includes, carp fishing venues in France with accommodation, carp lakes with accommodation and swimming pools and drive and survive lakes.

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Le Moulin de Graffeuil is a mature 9.5 acre lake set in 81 acres of private woodland in Haunte- Vienne of the Limousin region of France. The lake, which includes a fully equipped gite, gym, outdoor pool and wifi making

Lac de Laneuville is a mature 5 acre lake with carp several carp over 50lbs with the largest at 58lbs, a good back up 40s and a large head of 30s. It is located in the heart of the beautiful

Le Croix is a mature 4 acre lake with lakeside accommodation located in Montrollet which is in the Charente department in Southwestern France. The nearest airport is Limoges which is a short distance away and the nearest ferry port is

Situated approximately 60 KM from Limoges and close to the town of Confolens, Lake Elba at Le Queroy is a 6 acre spring fed lake, set in private grounds and surrounded by unspoiled fields on all sides. The lake can

Linden Tree lake is small lake of one acre in size situated just outside a beautiful historical village called Chalus. This is only a 15-minute walk from the lake and has some lovely shops, bars and restaurants. The lake can

Etang des Landes is a mature 5 acre lake with accommodation located in the Pays de la Loir valley of France which can be hired exclusively for up to 4 anglers. This beautiful lake is set in private grounds and

Lake Heritage is a 17-acre lake set in a wonderfully relaxing location in Saint-Pardoux, Central France. The lake can accommodate up to 10 anglers and has an incredible stock of carp to 66lbs. The current lake record is 66lb.  There

Lac Baleine is a 23 acre secluded lake located in Champagne region of France set in 40 acres of private land. From Calais the lake can be reached by road in just over 3 hours. Local supermarkets are within easy

Etang la Saussaie is an 8 acre lake surrounded by 15 acres of rural woodland, located in the Champagne Region of France just over 3 hours drive from Calais. This is a big fish water with the majority of the

Bills Lakes are situated in North Eastern France just south of Reims, approximately 200 miles from Calais. Bill’s Lake 1 is a 14 acre lake lined with willows, birch and larch trees. The lake can accommodate up to 10 anglers

Cas-en Lac is a 20 acre lake located just south of Renne in East Brittany. It is easy to reach by ferry being only an hour drive from the port of St Malo and also close to Le Havre and

Lake Beauregard is located in the beautiful Champagne region of France with mirror and common carp to over 60lbs. The lake is a 3.5-hour drive from Calais and it is well worth the drive. The nearest town is Vitry le

Etang de Cherpont is a mature 39 acre stream fed lake, with a good head of carp in excess of 50lbs set in 65 acres of rolling countryside in Limousin region in Central Massif France. The lake can be dated

Tortue lake at Croix Blanche Lakes is an 8 acre lake which can accommodate up to 6 anglers and has an impressive stock of carp and some huge catfish. Tortue lake is easy to travel to being only 150 miles

Lake Meillant is 20 acres with carp to 58lbs, situated in Central France 4 hours drive from Caen ferry port. There is an impressive head of carp with lots of 40s and a number of 50bs. The lake can be hired exclusively for 6 anglers or booked on a per angler basis.

Meadow Lake is located in the Limousin Region in Central France. It is a 10 acre lake which accommodates up to 6 anglers with a stock of 190 carp. It is situated near Sulpice Les Champs which is half an

Carp 19, also known as L’étang cache, is located in the beautiful woodland and prairies of the Limousin countryside, is a 5.5-acre lake full of impressive carp to over 60lbs waiting to be caught. The secluded lake has only recently

Kingfisher lake is a 2.75 acre lake with carp to 57lbs and an average size of 44lbs which can be fished by 4 anglers. Exclusive hire of the lake inlcudes a stone build cottage which sleeps 5 as well as a  swmming pool. If you don't fancy the drive you can fly to Limoge airport and hire a 3 rod set up as well as bait. 

Mirror Image Lake and Mirror Lake are situated south of the region of Limoges, near the village of Le Chalard. Mirror Image lake is set in mature woodlands, surrounded by overhanging trees, with reed beds and lily pads making a

Bill’s Lake 3 is a stunning tree lined 8 acre lake available to fish for a maximum of 6 anglers. Dug out over 30 years ago as a gravel pit, the lake holds carp in excess of 70lbs! The lake

Chalet Lake is a 20 acre drive and survive lake in Metz, North East France which can be fished exclusively or booked per person for up to six anglers. There are numerous carp over 50lbs and good head of back up 40s and 30lbs fish. Approximately 4 hours from Calais.

Firs Lake is 2.5 acres in size and has waters edge accommodation which can sleep up to six people. The lake is well stocked with carp to over 40lbs and catfish to over 60lbs. Due to the relatively high stocking density, large catches for the week are not uncommon. 5 hours drive from Calais, 2 hours from Caen and 1 hour 30 minutes from St Malo.

Dream Catchers lake is a mature tree lined 7 acre lake situated in just North of Limoges, with carp to in excess of 40lbs. The lake is hired exclusively and can be fished by up to 7 anglers. Dream Catchers

Heron lake is a 6 acre runs water located in the Carente region of France. Available for exclusive hire, it comes wth a luxury converted barn which sleeps up to 10 people as well as a swimming pool. Tackle hire and food packages are available so you can fly to this venue. Carp to 55lbs, average size 32lbs.


Forest View Lake is 6 acres, with an impressive head of very large carp to over 80lbs and an average weght of over 40lbs. Surrounded by over 80 acreas of private woodland the lake accommodates up to 5 anglers. Full tackle hire hire available.


Willow lake is a 2 acre lake with carp to over 50lbs which can be fished by up to 3 anglers. Exclusive hire of the lake includes a beautiful converted stone built longere which can sleep 6 people. Located in Craon, a 2 hour drive from the ferry port of St Malo.

Archipelago Lake is mature treelined 8 acre specimen carp lake located close to the Champeaux Region of France. On the same site next to Archipelago Lake is the Blue Lagoon, a small runs water of around 2 acres in size.

Millstone Pool is 7 acre lake and one of four lakes in the Limousin Region of Central France near Nexon run by Mirror Pool Fisheries. The lake is approximately 15 miles from Limoges which is 30 minutes from the Dordogne.

Bill’s Lake 4 is four acres in size and can be hired exclusively for parties of up to 4 anglers. Located in North Eastern France just south of Reims, the lake was previously used for duck shooting before being acquired

Mirror Lake and Mirror Image lakes are located 30 minutes south of Limoges, close to the village of Le Chalard. Both lakes are set in secluded private woodland, surrounded by mature overhanging trees and shrubs as well as beautiful lily

Napoleonic Lake is a stunning 5 and half acre lake that can be dated back to the Napoleonic times and is available for exclusive hire for up to 4 anglers. Set in private woodland, the lake holds carp up to

L’étang des Persats, in the beautiful heart of the Combrailles, is the perfect place for any anglers looking for a fishing adventure off the beaten track. This 12-acre lake with carp in excess of  60lbs, is situated in a breath-taking

Cabin Lake is 1.5 acre lake with carp to 45lbs, situated in the beautiful countryside just outside the small town of Nantiat, which is a short drive from Limoges. The lake is available for exclusive hire only and includes a

Lodge Lake is a 4 acre lake with lakeside accommodation and carp to over 50lbs and catfish to 130lbs. Lodge Lake is runs water and huge catches are not uncommon. The lake has been described as a “little corner of

Mayflower Pool is one of 4 lakes in the Limousin Region in Central France run by Mirror Pool Fisheries. It is a mature 10 acre lake set within the rolling countryside approximately half an hour south of Limoges close to

L’étang de Vaise is a 8.6 acre lake with carp to 60lbs and waterside accommodation set in an idyllic location, just 30 minutes from the beautiful town of Moulin. There are two spacious pegs specially built on the banks  lake

Bill’s Lake 2 is a three and three quarter acre lake, set in beautiful countryside which is available to hire exclusively for a maximum of 4 anglers. It is an ideal lake for small groups of friends or family who

La Froterie is a superb 4 acre lake in Pougne-Hérisson, South West France set in picturesque surroundings.  The lake holds a good head of common and mirror carp to just under 50lbs. This venue includes a luxury gite which can

Bill’s Lake 5 is an 8 acre lake which can be fished by a maximum of 6 anglers and opened for carp fishing in 2017. Located south of Reims in North East France, the lake had been unfished and unused

Moorlands Fisheries is located in the Burgundy Region in East Central France, approximately 6 hours drive from Calais, and is an idyllic 14 acre carp lake set in 33 acres of private woodland. The carp stock will not disappoint with

Etang la Planchette is a mature treelined 8 acre lake set in 20 acres of private countryside, located in the Lorraine region of north eastern France. There is a good stock of carp consisting of mirrors, commons and a few

Beautiful stone cottage situated on a fully stocked 2 acre lake in a stunning part of rural France.

Croix Blanche lake is a mature treelined 6 acre lake located in Picardy region of France, just north of Reims which is only 150 miles from Calais. The lake has a large head of big carp to 50lbs and can

A beautiful 4 acre venue in a peaceful setting of the Indre department located in the central region of France which is just 1 hour drive from Limoges airport and 5 hour drive from Calais. Offering exclusive drive and survive with

Kingfisher Lake is a beautiful tree lined 7 acre lake, located in Massignac in the Charente department in southwestern France and set in 35 acres of private woodland. It is one of 3 lakes run by Carp France Fisheries, the

Lac Lucie is a stunning 3 acre lake surrounded by mature trees and set in 35 acres of private woodland. It has carp to 68lbs and comes with a lake side chalet and private pool making it an ideal family

Beausoleil Carp and Cats is a beautiful 4-acre lake set in the lovely region of Mayenne in North West France, just a 90-minute drive from the nearest ferry port of Saint-Malo. There is a good stock of carp to just

The Farm Lake is in the Aube region, about a four-hour drive from Calais with carp to over 50lbs. The lake is about 52 acres, can accommodate up to 16 anglers and it is set into 70 acres of beautiful

Mirror Pool Fisheries is home to 4 stunning lakes, Mirror Pool, Meadow Lake, Mayflower Pool and Millstone Pool all situated within the Limousin region of Central France, approximately 430 miles from Calais. Established in 1998 it has a reputation for

Lac des Demoiselles is a mature tree lined 2.5 acre lake with a good head of common and mirror carp to 40lbs set in the beautiful countryside of the Haute -Vienne region of France. The lake is a drive and

Les Gravelles is a 2.5 acre lake with excellent accommodation and a swimming pool making it ideal for a family holiday. There is a good head of carp to over 50lbs. The lake is located a short drive from Limoges.

Etang de Villaine is a 6 acre lake with optional accommodation which can be hired exclusively or booked per angler. It is located in Vesdun in central France and has carp to 60lbs with an average size of over 40lbs.



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