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Getting good photos of your capture whether in the UK or carp fishing in France gives you something to look back on, provides material to show your mates and other anglers, and helps bring those memories flooding back. Of course, taking great carp photos are also essential to providing content in these days of social […]

One of the greatest aspects of carp fishing is its variety. Whether that’s in the strains and characteristics of the fish themselves, the environments in which we find them or the baits we use to catch them, carp fishing takes many forms and carp fishing with natural baits should not be overlooked. You should not […]

Carp fishing in weed – Anglers raised on the near-sterile environments of many modern commercial fisheries can get flustered when it comes to carp fishing weedy lakes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Carp thrive in weedy lakes, weed is full of natural food for carp to eat and in the day time […]

We all want to catch fish that are in prime condition. Whilst out of their natural environment, the precious carp we catch are vulnerable, and it’s our duty to handle carp safely on the bank and ensure they are not harmed. Their time on the bank not only permits us to capture the moment but […]

Little compares to the excitement of stalking carp under the rod tip. Finding fish in the edge, watching them feed and then being in a position to observe what happens when they pick up your hookbait is likely to give any angler an adrenaline rush far greater than when sat behind a battery of rods. […]

Carp absolutely love silt, it is rich in natural food sources for the carp such as blood worms and other micro organisms. But which are the best rigs for fishing in silt? Why can it be better to fish for carp over silt than gravel? Whilst many anglers search out the lake-bed for harder spots […]

The opportunity for a week’s carp fishing in France either fishing solo, or with friends is a special event. Whilst the size of the lake is a personal choice, whether you are fishing alone or with a small group of friends the lake size can become an important factor, due to how carp react to […]

Spring carp fishing can be as easy as our hobby gets. It can also be seriously frustrating, but if you get it right then you can have some of the best sport of the year. With lengthening days and new growth all around us, the carp are also becoming much more active at this time […]