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I’ve heard people talk about fishing on the “spot within a spot” but I’ve got no idea what they mean. Well, you’re not alone. It’s completely understandable because the phrase is one that’s only come into usage fairly recently. It’s also one that is a little esoteric and interpreted differently by different people. In addition, […]

We’re off to France soon. What baiting strategy should we employ? Hold on! It’s never going to be as simple as that. There is no “one size fits all” policy as far as baiting strategies for a French holiday lake goes. There are lots of elements to take into account and things such as venue, […]

A Brief History of Boilies

02 January, 2022

Long gone are the days of par boiled new potato’s side hooked and flung out into the lake in the hope a passing carp might show interest. Nowadays, one of the most effective and established baits in carp fishing is the boilie. With thousands of tonnes produced every year in the UK alone. It’s safe […]

There is no single best way to bait a swim. If you look any successful carp angler, the key to mximising your chances is to be adaptable. This means that you are likley to need to change your approach and tactics depending venue, stock, conditions and a whole lot of other factors that all go […]

Top 5 Pop-Up Rigs?

24 November, 2021

Whilst carp location is the number one factor for any succesful angler, being able to present a bait on an effective rig is a very close second. Whether your fishing is on a club water in the UK targeting 30lbers, or you are setting off with the lads to an exclusive lake in France in […]

How Do I Target Big Carp?

02 November, 2021

Catching bigger and bigger fish is one of the main motivators for any carp angler and trying to improve one’s personal best is an ongoing quest. You could just trust your luck, however, if catching big carp is what motivates you, then going about it specifically gives you a better chance of success. Is it […]

How To Tie The KD Rig and When To Use It Most bottom bait rigs utilise the principle of the hook turning and flipping to catch hold in a carp’s mouth and the palm test is our measure of how well a carefully tied presentation achieves this. There are, however, a few rigs that work […]

Your rods are cast out, carp are topping over your spots, you’re surrounded by stunning French countryside and your accommodation is just metres from the lake. Surely this is the perfect fishing holiday? We list over 25 of the very best private fishing lakes in France with accommodation, swimming pools and even hot tubs, all […]

I fancy trying the Multi Rig. What do I need to know? Let’s start with tying a Multi Rig up. It’s a nice and simple one to construct with a bonus by way of the facility to change the hook. You’ll only need a few components too. Your hook wants to be a stiff rig/chod […]

We know carp fishing with boilies or particles work, but which is best? There is no such thing as a best approach to baiting as there is always more than one way to skin a cat. Both a boilie only and particle approach are exceptionally effective in the right circumstances and it’s down to the […]

If you don’t fancy the long drive and ferry crossing or taking Euro tunnel, then all inclusive carp fishing holidays in France are fantastic. All inclusive lakes generally offer bait, tackle hire, food packages and sometimes even airport pick up and drop off.  Many of the lakes have swimming pools making them ideal for a […]

In a sport awash with variables and choice, it’s perhaps the use of bait that gives most anglers cause to stop and think. As your hand wavers over your throwing stick or dithers next to your catapult the fundamental question remains – am I putting out too much, or too little? Carp, of course, can’t […]

A bait hard on the bottom, right where your targets are naturally feeding, can be unbeatable. But what is the best rig to use to present a bottom bait? Although we tend to see carp fishing as angler against nature, on busy commercial waters it’s more often a case of angler versus angler, with each […]

If you’d have asked a carp angler 10 or 15 years ago to pick a destination for a fishing holiday, staying within the British Isles would have been seen as a very odd choice. France has long been the holiday hotspot of choice for travelling carpers, followed by an ever-growing list of European destinations and […]