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I fancy trying the Multi Rig. What do I need to know? The multi rig is favoured by a number a well known ‘big fish’ anglers. Oz Holness the former British carp record holder with Two Tone which he caught at a massive 67lbs 8oz in 2008 and also captor of  The Burghfield Common stated […]

Snag fishing for Carp

08 September, 2023

Carp love hiding in snags just as much as anglers fear having to deal with these underwater obstacles. To the inexperienced carper, early encounters snag fishing for carp will usually result in lost fish and broken dreams. However, it is possible to fish safely and responsibly around these hazards with right approach and the right […]

Fishing a carp lake that you have never previously fished before can be daunting. Whether it’s a new club water, syndicate lake, commercial venue or a French carp lake, the same principles apply. This article sets out key actions you should take when approaching a new carp water to maximise your chances of success. Visit […]

You’re chances of catching a carp, whether fishing a water in the UK or a carp lake in France, are massively increased if you use a rig that is able to effectively present a bait in the situation you are fishing. We’ve put together 5 carp rigs that will cover the vast majority of fishing […]

We live in a country where the inhabitants of just about every stillwater are known and charted, so river carp fishing represents the last frontier of the unknown. They present many challenges to carp anglers, but the rewards include catching fish that may very well have never seen a hook before. In recent years river […]

How Do I Target Big Carp?

20 August, 2023

Catching bigger and bigger fish is one of the main motivators for any carp angler and trying to improve one’s personal best is an ongoing quest. You could just trust your luck, however, if catching big carp is what motivates you, then going about it specifically gives you a better chance of success. How to […]

Feature finding is a very important part of carp fishing. However, to maximise the impact it will have on your fishing you need to know: what features to look that are likely carp feeding spots how to locate and identify above water and underwater features when is the right time locate underwater features what are […]

Zig Rigs. Loved and loathed in equal measure, this rig is much more than just that. It’s a complete method, a whole way of fishing and an incredibly effective one too. Most carp angling involves fishing either on or very near the lake bed. Whether it’s bottom baits, wafters or pop-ups we are presenting our […]

Carp, like most animals, are in-tune with the weather to a level that we humans probably cannot fully comprehend. These cold-blooded creatures are pushed and pulled by the atmospheric conditions, so it should come as no surprises that some weathers are better for fishing than others. The old saying ‘when the wind is in the […]

Fishing public carp lakes in France, or in any foreign country for that mater might sound like a daunting prospect, but the fundamentals are surprisingly simple and you may end up catching a fish you can guarantee your mates won’t have in their album. Here’s the good news: France is a large country with plenty […]

The Spinner Rig, or Ronnie Rig has definitely been t