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Carp Fishing in France

Carp fishing in France is becoming increasingly popular and there are hundreds of carp lakes in France to choose from. These can range from large low stocked drive and survive lakes, to runs waters, to all inclusive carp fishing holidays with accommodation and transport. When choosing a  carp fishing holiday in France, it is critical that you select one that suits your fishing capabilities and requirements.

We list over 60 French carp lakes which are all available to book for fishing holidays. To help you find lakes which are most suited to your style of angling and your party’s needs, you’ll find useful tools and filters to help you to easily narrow down your search results.

Popular lakes for carp fishing holidays in France are:

  • Firs Lake – 2.5 acre lake for exclusive use, carp to over 40lbs, 3 bedroom cottage with lake views
  • La Froterie – 4 acres, private carp fishing lake, luxury gite sleeps up to 6 people, all inclusive including tackle hire and food package, carp to 50lbs
  • Croix Blanche Lakes – 8 acre drive and survive lake in Northern France, carp to over 60lbs
  • Bounty Lakes – 5.5 acre lake, 3 bed mobile home on the lake, carp to 50lbs, very good value for money
  • Etang de Villaine – 6 acre lake, optional fully equipped gite, carp to over 60lbs with a huge head of 40 and 50lbs carp
  • Liden Tree Lake – 2 bed safari Lodge Tent, carp to over 30lbs – new lake for 2019
  • Carp Quarry – 3 acre lake, 3 bedroom detached gite, carp to over 50lbs, stunning scenery
  • Le Croix – 4 acre lake, luxury gite sleeps 6, carp to over 60lbs, night fishing not permitted, ideal for a family or partner
  • Lake Elba – 6 acre lake, 1 bedroom oak lodge, private swimming pool, average carp size 34lbs
  • Kingfisher lake – 7 acre lake, 2 bedroom chalet, swimming pool, carp to over 60lbs, all inclusive tackle and food package available
  • Les Gravelles – 2.5 acre lake, 3 bed house, swimming pool, carp to 55lbs, family friendly venue.
  • Lac Lucie – 3 acre lake, 2 bedroom chalet, swimming pool, carp to 68lbs, tackle hire available
  • Dream Catchers lake – 7 acre lake, 5 bed house, swimming pool, carp to over 40lbs, excellent venue for family holiday
  • Heron lake – 6 acre lake, luxury 4 bed barn and swimming pool, runs water, carp to 55lbs
  • Archipelago Lake – 8 acre lake, accommodates up to 8 anglers for drive and survive carp fishing, carp to 68lbs
  • Etang la Saussaie – 8 acre lake, 3 hours drive from Calais, drive and survive fishing with carp in excess of 60lbs
  • Bill’s Lakes – 4 acre lake available for exclusive hire, carp to over 50lbs, located in north eastern France
  • Mirror Lake – 6 acre drive and survive lake for up to 6 anglers, large head of carp to over 60lbs, catfish to 120lbs
  • Fox Pool – All inclusive lake which includes tackle hire, bait and airport collection, carp to over 60lbs, drive and survive fishing
  • Cherpont Lake – 39 acre lake, over 20 carp over 50lbs, drive and survive carp fishing, ideal for experienced anglers
  • Lake Meillant – 20 acre lake 4 hours from Caen, drive and survive fishing, carp to 60lbs
  • Carp 19 – 5 acre lake set in the Limousin countryside, carp to over 60lbs, drive and survive
  • Forest View Lake – 6 acre lake with carp to over 80lbs, located close to Limoges, drive and survive fishing
  • Meadow Lake – 10 acre lake in the Limousin Region in Central France, carp to over 50lbs, drive and survive style fishing
  • Lac de Laneuville – 5 acre lake with carp to over 60lbs, exclusive carp fishing, 3 bedroom lodge overlooking the lake, located in the Champagne region of France
  • The Farm Lake – 52 acre lake with a good head of carp over 50lbs, drive and survive fishing, 4 hours from Calais
  • Lodge lake – 4 acre all inclusive lake, described as a runs water with huge catches not uncommon, beautiful lakeside lodge, situated within 30 mins of Limoges airport, tackle hire included, carp to 50lbs and catfish to 130lbs
  • Heritage Lake – 17 acre lake in Central France, exclusive hire for 10 anglers, this is a big fish drive and survive water with 5 carp over 60lbs, 30 over 50lbs and a huge 150 carp over the 40lbs mark.
  • Lake Beauregard – 10 acre drive and survive lake set in the Champagne region of France just 3.5 hours from Calais. Exclusive hire for 6 anglers, both mirror and common carp to over 60lbs

Exclusive Carp Fishing Lakes with Accommodation

Carp lakes in France with accommodation are ideal if you prefer some luxury on your trip or are taking a partner or family. You will have exclusive use of the lake for the duration of your trip which usually runs from Saturday to Saturday. The majority of these venues will allow you to night fish. This added flexibility is why such venues are very popular. Popular French lakes with accommodation include:



Les Croix Lake Montrollet
Firs Lake Ruille le Gravlais
La Froterie Pougne-Hérisson
Croix Blanche Lakes Cuiry-lès-Chaudardes
Bounty Lakes Teloché
Etang de Villaine Vesdun
Estate Lake Randonnai
Liden Tree Lake Chalus
Carp Quarry Saint-Servais

All Inclusive Carp Fishing in France

Lake Location
Dream Catchers Lake La Glane, 23km from Limoges airport
Les Croix Lake Montrollet, 29km from Limoges airport
Lake Elba Confolens, 60km Limoges airport
Kingfisher lake Massignac, 59km from Limoges airport
La Froterie lake Pougne-Hérisson, 61 km from Poitiers–Biard Airport
Etang de Villaine Vesdun, 130Km Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport
Heron lake Peusec, 9km from Angouleme aiport

Carp Lakes in France with Accommodation and Swimming Pools

Venues with accommodation and swimming pools can make fantastic family holidays. Many of these lakes are located in central and south west France, in particular around the Limoges region, so benefit from the warmer weather. As well as having a private carp lake, a number offer tackle hire and airport collection which can be a preferable option to taking the ferry and driving to the lake. French carp lakes we list with accommodation and swimming pools include:

Venue Name


Le Croix Montrollet
Lake Elba Confolens
Napoleonic Lake Confolens
Kingfisher lake Massignac
Les Gravelles Confolens
Rotier’s Lakes Fontaines-en-Sologne
Lac Lucie Massignac
Dream Catchers lake La Glane
Heron lake Peusec

Drive and Survive Carp Lakes in France

Drive and survive lakes do not come with accommodation, so you will be fishing from the comfort of your bivvy for the duration of your trip. These lakes usually do have on-site facilities such as showers and toilets. We list over 40 drive and survive carp lakes. Many of these lakes are in northen France near to Calais or Normandy ferry terminals and can be reached within two to three hours of driving.


Archipelago Lake Sainte Marie
Etang la Saussaie Ecriennes
Bill’s Lakes Aulnay-sur Marne
Mirror Lake Le Chalard
Fox Pool Malicornay
Cherpont Lake Central Massif
Lake Meillant Meillant
Carp 19 La Buge
Forest View Lake Chateau Chervix

Runs Waters in France

There are a huge number of carp lakes in France where catch rates can be prolific and these types of waters are often referred to as runs waters. However, any good angler will know that whilst some lakes may be considered easier than others, factors such as weather conditions and your tactics usually play a large part in your success.

Non Exclusive Drive and Survive Carp Lakes in France

These are typically the larger carp waters and are usually booked on a per angler basis. As these venues are booked per angler, you may find that you are sharing the lake with others, making these lakes ideal if you are planning a trip on your own, but still want the social aspect of a fishing holiday. These lakes do not have accommodation so you will be fishing out of the bivvy.

Our Helpful Tools and Filters

To assist you with your search we provide you with as much information as possible, ranging from the best tactics and latest catch reports for the venue, to the distance from the nearest ferry port. Use our interactive map to easily see which carp fishing lakes are near to the ferry ports in Calais or Brittany.

You can also search for venues such as lake size, carp size, catfish size and number of anglers to easily find venues that meet your criteria. You will find that many venues offer an all inclusive package where you can fly and then hire tackle including rods, reels, bite alarms and bed chairs from the venue owner for the duration of your stay. These venues also have bait, including boilies and pellets, which are all available to be purchase on the site.

We’re not a travel agent, we put you directly in touch with the venue owner to answer any questions you may have and to arrange your booking.



Latest Feedback

Special Introductory offer for May £575 per week for 4 people that is  £143.75 per person for the exclusive use of the lake and the Lakeside Safari Tent.

Heron Lake Ken and Sam returned for their third short trip to Puyravaud (3 days and nights), fishing from Sunday pm to Wednesday morning – 23.0M, 53.0M, 23.5M, 34.0M, 31.12C, 21.7C, 31.5M, 25.12M, 50.10M, 27.4M, 26.12M, 44.5M, 24.4M,27.8M, 34.7C, 25.5M. 17 fish,

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Kingfisher Lake Andy Ashton brought the crew back for their second visit with the ladies and kids as well for a family group holiday. Fished Saturday to Tuesday am – 44.4M, 42.0M, 50.9M 3 fish Total Weight 137.3lbs, Average Weight 45.76lbs

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