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There is a huge amount of information on the TV, in magazines and the internet about carp fishing. It is easy to get side tracked and lose sight of the fundamental principles of being a good carp angler. Even for experienced anglers, it can get confusing on how you should tackle different situations and venues, in particular when it comes to choosing a rig, given the hundreds of variations to pick from.

With this in mind, the articles and information we publish, aims to tackle the essential elements that are required to be a successful carp fisherman and how to apply these skills to common fishing situations that you are likely to face.

Fishing for Carp with Natural Baits

One of the greatest aspects of carp fishing is its variety. Whether that’s in the strains and characteristics of the fish themselves, the environments in which we find them or the baits we use to catch them, carp fishing takes

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Can You Buy A Good Quality Carp Set Up for Under £300?

Carp fishing is not the cheapest past time. It seem like you can rarely come out from the local tackle shop these days without having spent less than 50 quid on bait and a few bits of terminal tackle. That

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Feature Finding to Improve your Carp Fishing

When and how to do it Effectively Feature finding is an important part of carp fishing. However, to maximise the impact it will have on your fishing, you need to know what to look for, how to do it, when

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Anglers raised on the near-sterile environments of many modern commercial fisheries can get flustered when it comes to fishing weedy venues, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Carp thrive in weedy venues, such as Croix Blanche lake in

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A Guide to River Carp Fishing

We live in a country where the inhabitants of just about every stillwater are known and charted, so rivers represent the last frontier of the unknown. They present many challenges to carp anglers, but the rewards include catching fish that

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Carp Fishing in France – Choosing the Right Venue

Choosing the right carp lake in France is critical to having a successful fishing trip and most importantly enjoying your time on the bankside. With many of us booking a trip to France, months or even years in advance, the

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The Knotless Knot Rig – Simple and Deadly Effective

Whether you are relatively new to carp fishing or have been doing it for a long time, I still think it can be incredibly confusing today to know what rig you should be using. If you watch programmes on the

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Surface Fishing for Carp

Catching off the surface is one of the most thrilling ways to target carp, but it can take a fair amount of patience and cunning. Polarising sunglasses are essential for spotting fish Unlike most other aspects of carp fishing, location

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Stalking Carp from the Margins

Arguably the most underrated tactic available to carp anglers, stalking fish from close in is as exhilarating as it comes. Watching a carp pick up your bait is a rare sight in modern angling, but the chance to observe our

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How to Tie a Chod Rig

The chod rig was made popular quite few years back by Terry Hearn and Jim Shelley. Due to chod rig’s ability to effectively present a bait over virtually any lake bed, when they first became popular they received mixed reviews

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