How to tie the Multi Rig and when to use it

14 September, 2023

I fancy trying the Multi Rig. What do I need to know?

The multi rig is favoured by a number a well known ‘big fish’ anglers. Oz Holness the former British carp record holder with Two Tone which he caught at a massive 67lbs 8oz in 2008 and also captor of  The Burghfield Common stated in his Carpology interview that he uses the Multi Rig for 70 to 80% of his fishing.

So, let’s start with tying a Multi Rig up. It’s a nice and simple one to construct with a bonus by way of the facility to change the hook.

You’ll only need a few components too. Your hook wants to be a stiff rig/chod rig type with a large out-turned eye. A size 6 or 4 is a good one to start with being about right for a 15mm pop-up. You need a packet of large rig rings (use bait screws if you prefer not to tie your baits on), some standard size 8 swivels or ring swivels, if you’re using it on a helicopter set up, either split shot or tungsten putty to balance the buoyancy. Oh and of course there’s your hook link material which will be a coated braid.

Follow our step by step instructions to tie the Multi Rig

Step 1: Select your braided material

There is some licence for you to choose a braid that suits the lake bed you are fishing over. If the ground is really clean a stiffer one can be utilised to make things trickier for a carp to eject the rig. Should the spot onto which you are casting have some sparse weed growth or is likely to be covered in detritus, such as twigs if you are fishing in the margins, then a more supple, softer coated braid will have a better chance of sitting flush. Whichever coated braid you opt for it’s necessary to check that it doesn’t slide on the cast.

Step 2: Attach the hook using a figure of 8 loop

You see, the hook is attached to the hook length via a simple figure of 8 loop. This is tied onto one end of your material and can be altered in size to govern how high the pop-up sits. If you desire a low lying pop-up tie a small loop, a millimetre or two longer than the length of your hook and tie a longer one for something more blatant.

Step 3: Select a size 4 chod type hook with a large out-turned eye

Step 4: Thread the loop through the front of the hook eye

Step 5: Pop on the rig ring or bait screw and pass the loop over the bend of the hook, past the point