Carp Lakes in Northern France

21 January, 2020

Carp lakes in Northern France are easily accessable from the UK and hold some huge carp. The Euro Tunnel from Folkestone to Calais takes only 35 minutes and the ferry from Dover to Calais will get you there in  1 hour 30 minutes. Other ferry routes include Dover to Dunkirk which takes 2 hours or Newhaven to Dieppe which is a 4 hour crossing. We’ve put together a selection of carp lakes in Northern France which are no more than a few hours drive once you get off the ferry, so you can be fishing in no time at all!

Tortue Lake Croix Blanche Lakes

  • Distance from Calais: 260 km. About 2 hours 29 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 269 km. About 2 hours 41 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 271 km. About 2 hours 46 mins

carp lakes in northern France

Tortue Lake at the wonderful Croix Blanche Lakes is an 8-acre lake. It is a drive and survive lake and well worth the trip. It is about 150 miles from Calais in the Picardy region of France. It can accommodate up to six anglers and holds a good stock of commons and mirrors up to over 50lbs.

Bill’s Lake 1

  • Distance from Calais: 321 km. About 3 hours 3 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 331 km. About 3 hours 15 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 332 km. About 3 hours 20 mins

Carp fishing in northern France

Bill’s Lake 1 is located in North-East France, about 200 miles from Calais. It is a 14 acre drive and survive lake. Holding carp up to 68lbs and cats to 120lbs, you are sure for a fishing adventure at Bill’s Lake 1. This lake can accommodate up to 10 anglers.

The Farm Lake

  • Distance from Calais: 394 km. About 3 hours 59 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 403 km. About 4 hours 11 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 325 km. About 3 hours 42 mins

This lake is about four hours from Calais. It is situated in the Aube region of France. This lake is one of the biggest on this list at 52 acres. With a great head of carp to over 50lbs, the Farm Lake is well worth a trip. This lake has plenty of room and can accommodate up to 16 anglers.

Lac Baleine

  • Distance from Calais: 354 km. About 3 hours 27 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 364 km. About 3 hours 39 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 365 km. About 3 hours 45 mins

Lac Baleine 3 hours from Calais in Northern France

Lac Baleine is a nicely sized 23-acre lake. It is another drive and survive lake and a mere 3 hours from Calais. It is located in the Champagne region of France. The carp in this lake grow to over 60lbs, and there is a good head of mirrors and commons over 40lbs. So, the chances of catching a PB are high on this lake. Lac Baleine can be fished by a maximum of 12 anglers. It is available for exclusive hire, or Lac Baleine can be booked on a per angler basis.

Etang la Saussaie

  • Distance from Calais: 362 km. About 3 hours 33 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 372 km. About 3 hours 45 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 372 km. About 3 hours 45 mins

Etang la Saussaie is an 8-acre carp lake. It is, once again, located in the Champagne Region of France, another easy three-hour drive from Calais. Etang la Saussaie is available for hire for up to six anglers, and you will want to hire this lake! With average catches of at least 40lbs and carp to 65lbs, this lake is where the monsters live.

Lake Beauregard

  • Distance from Calais: 50 km. About 3 hours 24 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 359 km. About 3 hours 36 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 361 km. About 3 hours 42 mins

Lake Beauregard is a 10-acre lake 3 and a half hours from Calais. Again, in the Champagne region of France. This is also another drive and survive fishery. It is available for exclusive hire for up to 6 anglers. Lake Beauregard has an excellent stock of carp. There are mirrors and commons here to over 60lbs.

Lac de Laneuville

  • Distance from Calais: 397 km. About 4 hours 2 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 407 km. About 4 hours 14 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 408 km. About 4 hours 19 mins

Lac de Laneuville is a 5-acre lake that includes a 3 bedroom lakeside modern lodge. It is about 4 hours drive from Calais, again, in the Champagne region. 5 anglers can stay in maximum comfort on Lac de Laneuville and fish for beautiful carp that go up to 58lbs. To view more carp lake in France with accommodation click here.

Etang Des Petits Chiens

  • Distance from Calais: 431 km. About 4 hours 32 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 471 km. About 4 hours 57 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 276 km. About 3 hours 4 mins

Etang Des Petits Chiens is a wonderful 2-acre private carp lake. There is lakeside accommodation and carp to over 50lbs in Etang Des Petits Chiens which is located in the beautiful woodland of Normandy.

Etang des Landes

  • Distance from Calais: 457 km. About 4 hours 25 mins
  • Distance from Dunkirk: 498 km. About 4 hours 50 mins
  • Distance from Dieppe: 303 km. About 2 hours 57 mins

This 5-acre carp lake is located in the Pays de la Loir valley in France. It is avail