Carp Lakes near Limoges in France

16 January, 2020

Limoges in south west France is a haven for anglers looking to catch big French carp and there’s plenty of lakes to choose from. We’ve put together a selection of some of the best carp lakes in Limoges with lots of useful information to help you find your next carp fishing holiday.

  • Lake Heritage – 17 acre drive and survive lake with carp to 66lbs
  • Lodge Lake – 4 acre runs water with accommodation and carp to 50lbs
  • The Cabin Lake – 17 acre drive and survive lake with carp to 66lbs
  • Dream Catchers lake – 7 acre lake with accommodation and swimming pool and carp to 66lbs
  • Les Croix – 4 acre lake with accommodation and carp to over 60lbs
  • Les Gravelles – 2.5 acre lakes with lakeside accommodation and pool with carp to 50lbs
  • Kingfisher lake – 6 acre lake with chalet and swimming pool with carp to 67lbs
  • Le Moulin de Graffeuil – 9 acre lake with accommodation and carp to 60lbs
  •  Linden Tree lake – 1 acre pool with luxury tent accommodation. Carp to 30lbs
  • Mirror lake – 6 acre drive and survive lake with mirror and common carp to over 60lbs
  • Forest View Lake – 6 acre drive and survive lake with carp to 80lbs
  • Walnut Tree lake – 2 acre lake with stone cottage and carp to 30lbs
  • Carp 19 – 5 acre lake with carp to 60lbs
  • Etang de Cherpont – 39 acre drive and survive lake with carp to over 50lbs

Lake Heritage

Lake Heritage is a 17-acre lake which is situated in Saint-Pardoux, Central France. You have shower facilities, a cooking area and electrical point on-site and up to 10 anglers can fish this lake. Lake Heritage has a very impressive stock of carp that go to the upper 60s.

Lodge Lake

Lodge Lake is a 4-acre lake with a lodge, of course. The lodge provides stunning views over the lake, which is located in Limoges, South West France. Lodge Lake holds carp to 50lbs and catfish to about 130lbs.

The Cabin Lake

The Cabin Lake is a wonderful 1.5-acre lake that holds an impressive amount of carp up to 45lbs. The Cabin Lake is only available for private hire, and that includes a cabin that can sleep 7 and a swimming pool. The Cabin Lake is located close to Limoges, in Nantiat.

Dream Catchers lake

Dream Catchers lake is the ideal fishing for a family holiday. It is available for private hire only. It includes a 5 bedroom farmhouse with a swimming pool, and it is located just north of Limoges. The lake itself is a 7-acre lake with carp to well over 40lbs.

Les Croix

Les Croix is a 4-acre water in the Charente region of South West France. This lake includes beautiful lakeside accommodation. This lake has carp to over 60lbs. Fishing is restricted at Croix Lake to the hours of 6am to 10pm.

Les Gravelles

Les Gravelles, a 2.5-acre lake, has some fantastic accommodation and a swimming pool. Because of this, Les Gravelles is perfect for a family fishing trip. During your stay, you can fish for carp to over 50lbs. Les Gravelles is a short drive from Limoges.

Kingfisher lake

Kingfisher Lake is a 7-acre lake close to Limoges. This awesome carp lake can be fished by up to 6 people, and the hire of the lake includes accommodation for 6. Kingfisher lake holds stunning French carp to 67lbs. There is also tackle hire available if you’d like to fly to the nearby airport at Limoges.

Le Moulin de Graffeuil

Le Moulin de Graffeuil, a 9-acre lake in the Limousin region of France is available for private hire. This lake, when privately hired, comes with a lovely lodge and a swimming pool. Le Moulin de Graffeuil can be fished by up to 6 anglers. The gite can comfortably sleep up to 4 people. There are optional tackle hire and