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Mirror Lake is located 30 minutes south of Limoges, close to the village of Le Chalard.

The lake is set in secluded private woodland, surrounded by mature overhanging trees and shrubs as well as beautiful lily pads and reeds making it a carp anglers dream.

Sit back and enjoy the surroundings including wild deer, birds of prey, frogs, lizards and kingfishers. The nearest large down, St, Yrieix la Perche is just 4 miles away, but you would be forgiven for believing that there is not another soul for miles around.

The can be hired exclusively which runs from Saturday to Saturday. Your holiday begins at 3pm and you must have left the lake by 10am the following Saturday.

Mirror Lake is a 6 acres in size and can be hired exclusively for up to 6 anglers. Depths range from between 18inches in the shallows to approximately 10 feet in the deepest part of the lake. As with any lake, taking a marker rod is beneficial and intelligent angling will be rewarded.

There are 150 fish with Mirrors and Commons to over 60lbs and catfish to 120lbs.

There are 5 swims on the lake however at least 2 of the swims can comfortably accommodate 2 anglers. The swims are well thought out and distributed around the lake giving each swim vast water coverage. Each swim comes with a 2 man bivvy and bed chair, a tripod for weighing fish, a carp cradle, weigh sling and landing net. This is not only designed to ensure the fish are kept in pristine condition but will save you a lot of room when if you are driving.

The Swims

Grass Swim

Situated at the shallowest end of the lake this swim has easy access to the cabin and the shower and toilet facilities.

Koi Swim Right

This is a double swim and is situated opposite the lake entrance. The majority of the lake can be fished from this swim. 6 rods can comfortably be fished.

Koi Swim Left

Koi Swim Left is a also a double swim located opposite the entrance to the lake. 2 bivvies can comfortably be accommodated and the majority of the lake can be accessed from this swim.

Leather Swim

Situated at the deepest end of the lake, Leather Swim is on the high back bank of the lake. This swim is the further swim from shower and cabin facilities.

Mirror Swim

Also situated on the high back bank of the lake, Mirror Swim is near to the overflow and surface aerator.

Common Swim

Common Swim is opposite to the Koi Swim and has huge water coverage where you can fish to almost all parts of the lake.

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There’s 150 fish with Mirror and Common carp over the 60lbs mark. In addition there’s grass carp up to 50lbs, some truly stunning koi carp over 30lbs, 1 sturgeon and catfish up to 120lbs!

On the lake bank is a wooden cabin which is included in the price for your weeks fishing. Within the cabin you’ll find:

  • Fridge freezer
  • Mains electricity to charge your equipment
  • Sink with running water
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Sofa
  • Table
  • Safety deposit box
  • Lighting

Showers and Toilets

There is a separate shower and toilet facility which has one shower, 2 sinks, 2 toilets, hot water and mirrors.

There is a ten foot rowing boat available for use.


You can get to Mirror Lake by ferry or if you prefer you can fly to the airport at Limoges and the lake owners will pick you up and drop off when your fishing trip ends.

Tackle Hire

Tackle can be hired and a 3 rod set up is £75. You are required to take your own terminal tackle however. Ensure you arrange tackle hire before your trip begins.

Non Fishing Guests

Non fishing guests are £50 each with a maximum number of 6 guests.

Food and Drink

Freshly prepared food and drink can be included and you should arrange this before your trip starts. The lake owners will also collect food from the local supermarket when you require it.

All nets and mats must be dipped

Do not sack the fish

Barbless or micro barbed hooks only

No fixed leads – leads must be on safety clips

Never leave rods unattended

No braided mainline except for on marker rods

No nuts, seeds or particles

Fresh/ freezer boilies only

Maximum 3 rods per angler

Use the cradles and unhooking mats provided

Always kneel when handling the fish – do not stand up

Treat the fish with care at all time and have a bucket of water on hand to ensure they remain wet

Treat hook holds and any damage to fish with a carp care kit.

Make sure the fish is fully recovered and safely swim off

A deposit of £100 is required which will be returned providing the rules are complied with

No excess alcohol consumption and no drugs

Leave the swims clean and tidy including removing cigarette butts

No fires

Keep the cabin clean at all times

Use the toilets provided

Entry to the neighbouring farmland and lakes is prohibited

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There’s 150 fish with Mirror and Common carp over the 60lbs mark. In addition there’s grass carp up to 50lbs, some truly stunning koi carp over 30lbs, 1 sturgeon and catfish up to 120lbs!

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