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Carp 19, also known as L’étang cache, is located in the beautiful woodland and prairies of the Limousin countryside, is a 5.5-acre lake full of impressive carp to over 60lbs waiting to be caught. The secluded lake has only recently been rescued and revived, and it is now, once again, ready for anglers to come and relax and enjoy the peaceful countryside and catch some seriously big carp! The lake caters to 5 anglers that have a choice of 6 swims located around the lake..

Carp 19 at its deepest is 16ft and has an average depth of about 8 ft. There are also 3 islands towards the North end of the lake where the carp sometimes hang around. Two freshwater streams feed the lake. These keep the lake cool during the summer and provide a healthy amount of oxygen for the carp to thrive. There is also a dam wall that runs for 130m at the south end of the lake. In 2017, the lake was drained and de-silted meaning there are no snags so you can just concentrate on catching some big fish!

As we said, we have six swims to choose from at L’étang cache:

Swim 1 – The Bunker

The bunker is situated at the tip of the lake. It sits on the shallowest part; its depths range from 3.7ft to 8.5ft. This swim has a spring feed located to the right.

Swim 2 – Parachute Swim

Parachute swim is on the eastern side of the lake. It has an island to the right and open water to the left. Depths in this swim range from 8.5ft to 12.6ft.

Swim 3 – Piece de Resistance

Piece de Resistance is situated on the right-hand side of the dam wall. It sits on the deepest part of the lake with depths ranging from 11.5ft to 16ft.

Swim 4 – Head Quarters

Head Quarters is situated to the left of the dam wall. This is the swim closest to the cabin (hence the name) its depths range from 6.8ft to 15ft.

Swim 5 – Sniper’s Corner

Sniper’s Corner is situated on the right-hand side of the lake facing one of the islands on the left and open water to the right. Its depths range from 6.9ft to 11.3ft

Swim 6 – Ambush Swim

Ambush Swim is located on the northern end of the lake. It faces 2 of the islands and has a spring feed to the right. The depths here range from 4.9ft to 8.6ft.


We offer an all-inclusive package deal for anglers coming to L’étang cache. This includes pick up and drop from Brive or Limoges airport, a 7 nights stay at the lake, equipment, breakfast and evening meals. So, if you want to travel light and make the trip as easy as possible, this is the perfect way to get a fishing adventure this season! However, if you would prefer to bring your own fishing gear, there is also the option of drive and survive. Please see our packages for more information.

All inclusive package deal: €495.00 per person

The all-inclusive package includes:

7-night fishing stay (Saturday to Saturday)

Pick up and drop off service

Full English and evening meals

A welcome pack, this includes: tea, sugar, coffee, gas stove and bottle, kettle, water container, a mug and bin bags

All swims include: a bivvy, bed and day chairs, landing net, scales and weighing sling, cradles, three rods and a rod pod.

You need to bring some equipment with you for your all-inclusive stay including: reels, end tackle, alarms, carp care kit and sleeping bag.

Drive and Survive package: Swims Available From €280.00

This doesn’t include the equipment, meals or pick up and drop off services. There is, however, the option to add meals to this package for €140 per person, per week.






In October 2017, we introduced new stock with a variation of mirror, common and grass carp. These carp vary in weight from 20lbs to 60lbs! The lake is also home to our trophy fish known as Big Dave. Big Dave weighs in at 61.2lbs!

There is a large cabin near the dam wall of the lake. This is a great place to meet up with other anglers, cook some food and relax for a while. There are a modern shower and a separate toilet at the lake as well as toilet facilities located on the lake.

Bait and bait boat offers

We offer the best quality baits to our anglers; these are the baits that our fish have a taste for:

Boilies (HNV) €12 1 kilo, €100 10 kilos

Pellets/Coppens €32 10 kilos

Mixed Particles €22 10 kilos

Maize €18 10 kilos

We also have three bait boats for hire; please book these in advance to avoid disappointment:

Maverick Bait Boat €80 for one week


Please order all baits 14 days in advance so we can make sure they are ready for you on your arrival.





No fish are to be removed from site

No nuts (tiger nuts or peanuts, for example)

No shelf life baits

No artificial baits, other than normal pop-ups

No mixed particles, unless supplied by us

Minimum 15lb breaking strain line

No zig rigs allowed

No Leaders or lead cores allowed

A maximum of 3 rods per swim

Micro barbed and barbless hooks only. We recommend hooks no bigger than 4s and no smaller than 10s

Please do not leave your swim for extended periods when you’re fishing

LANDING OF FISH: always land the fish on the platform in each swim, not on the banks, this is to prevent injury to the fish. Have your carp care kit ready

PHOTOS: fish must stay in the landing until mats are wet, scales are zeroed and your camera is set up

Do not stand with the fish

Landing nets, mats, weigh slings and retainers are supplied to control the spread of disease. Please look after this fishing equipment and dry it after use.

Lake Rules

Litter is not acceptable, please keep your swim tidy, there are bins, please use them.

No smoking in bivvies or the cabin

No anti-social behaviour

The boat mustn’t go into the water, it is there for emergencies

No wading or swimming at any time

No fires

No vehicles around the lake

No gas burners in the bivvies

Children must be supervised

Anyone not following these rules during our daily checks will be asked to leave. These rules are here to protect the fish and you during your stay.


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In October 2017, we introduced new stock with a variation of mirror, common and grass carp. These carp vary in weight from 20lbs to 60lbs! The lake is also home to our trophy fish known as Big Dave. Big Dave weighs in at 61.2lbs!

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