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Bills Lakes are situated in North Eastern France just south of Reims, approximately 200 miles from Calais.

Bill’s Lake 1 is a 14 acre lake lined with willows, birch and larch trees. The lake can accommodate up to 10 anglers and contains both huge carp and catfish. Carp go to over 68lbs and catfish to over 120lbs. The lake also holds grass carp to 58lbs and sturgeon to over 34lbs.

There are 9 swims around Bill’s Lake 1 which have been well thought out to ensure each swim has ample water coverage. Each swim can comfortably accommodate a bivvy and of the 9 swims, five swims are double swims which are large enough to fit two 2-main bivvies. These swims also have steps which lead down to the waters edge, an undercover picnic table as well as a weighing tripod and large unhooking mat.

Usually not all the swims are occupied for the week so there is the opportunity to move during the course of the week.

The average depth of Bills Lake 1 is 9 feet and the lake bed is a mixture of both gravel and silt. You’ll find that the lake bed is pretty uniform throughout, however a bit of careful plumbing around will reveal small drop offs and raised gravel bars which are tend to be the more productive areas. At one end of the is an island which the carp patrol and are regularly caught from. The lake is both weed and snag free.

There is a secure fence that runs the entire perimeter of the lake and bailiffs and staff are on hand at the lake or just a phone call away should you require assistance. Parking facilities are behind each swim.

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Mixture of Mirror and Common carp to over 68lbs

Many fish over the 50lb barrier

Grass carp to 58lb

Huge catfish to over 120lbs

English style toilets which are available to use 24/7 and are kept in extremely clean condition.

Showers with hot water open 24/7

There is a battery charging point on the lake which can be used to re-charge boats, phones etc.

There is a tackle shop on site which sells Sticky Baits products, a few other ‘bits and bobs’ as well as Bills Lake branded clothing.

Food Package

Breakfast delivered to your swims every morning and a home cooked 2 course dinner served in the cabin.

Breakfast alternates each day between an English breakfast baguette and a continental style breakfast.

Dinner is home cooked and also includes desert. Dinner is served in the cabin or outside on the veranda. If you have particular dietary requirements they can usually be catered for but please check with us in advance.

Maximum 3 rods

Never leave rods unattended

15lb breaking strain line minimum

No braided mainline except for on spod and marker rods

No lead core

Fish-safe rig set ups only (no bent hooks or death rigs)

Only particles prepared by Bill’s Lake to be used

Suitable unhooking mats or cradles for large carp (up to 70lbs)

Minimum landing net size 42 inches

Treat the fish with care when handling them. Keep them wet and kneel over the mats or cradles at all times

Fish 40lbs or over are to be lifted out of the lake in a weigh sling and not the net

No sacking of the fish. Flotation slings can be used for short periods of time

 Swims to be kept tidy and free of rubbish at all times

Use the bins provided in each swims

No open fires

No loud music

Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated

Ensure the gate to the lake is closed at all times

Any equipment hire must be returned to the cabin in clean and good working order or you may risk losing your deposit.

Failure to comply with the rules may result in you being asked to leave the fishery with no refund given.


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Mixture of Mirror and Common carp to over 68lbs

Many fish over the 50lb barrier

Grass carp to 58lb

Huge catfish to over 120lbs

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