Feedback and Catch Reports

View the latest feedback for all carp venues listed on Dream Carp Holidays. Reading feedback from other anglers that have fished the venue is probably the most valuable information you can get and a helpful guide to making an informed decision on which venue is best for you and your fishing party.

You’ll find useful information such as how different venues fish at different times of the year, what areas of the lake produced fish, what baiting approaches worked as well as reviews of accommodation and facilities.

Willow Lake

Read the catch report of Paul Shepard’s trip on 22nd April. 35 fish caught including Chloe at 55lb!!!

Heron Lake – Puyravaud

29th April to 6th May

A great week for Lee, Gary, Ray and Rchard’s second visit to Heron lake at Puyravaud.

19th-26th August 2017 – Firs Lake

Andy Dade has been to willow before thought he would try out Firs, he managed 18 fish including carp to 36lbs 12ozs, cats to 43lbs, “crackles the Koi” @26lbs 4ozs and stumpy @ 15lbs

A Great Week on Clay Lake 2

A great week for Chris and Lee on Clay Lake 2. They landed a total of over 600lbs of carp fishing from the double swim on the right hand side of the lake. The attached photo is Lee with a

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26/08/2017 – Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher Lake Howard’s second week and what a week it was – 39.12C, 48.1M, 53.0M, 39.6M, 48.12M, 59.8M (Equalled Lake and Venue Record), 38.6M, 36.8M, 40.12M, 51.8M, 51.9M. 11 fish – Total Weight 508.5lbs, Average Weight 46.3lbs A great week for Howard with

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Le Moulin de Graffeuil

Read the most up to date catch reports for Le Moulin de Graffeuil which are all posted here …    

Chalet Lake

28th June 2017 A lovely example of some of the stunning Common carp in Chalet lake. This lean fighting machine weighed 38lbs!

Heron lake Puyravaud

Matt and Scott had a fantastic week on Heron lake landing a total weight of 1139lbs carp, topped of with a 52lb 9oz common!

15/09/2017 – Heron Lake

Heron Lake Ian and Jeff had a fantastic second week (finished fishing on Thursday evening so only 6 days – 43.03M, 39.01M, 26.06M, 23.13M, 42.06M, 31.13M, 36.06M, 46.08M, 40.04M, 32.11M, 34.08M, 31.05M, 43.05M, 52.05M, 32.07M, 20.0C, 45.1M, 34.14C, 46.03M, 26.6M, 27.1M,

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29th June 2017 – Chalet Lake

Andrew Ellis with a 42 grass. Delicate beautiful fish. Get in the water to sort them out as we all know they go mental!