Les Croix – 14 September, 2019

30 June, 2020

The fishing this week has been amazing, the number of fish caught, 28, being the highest in one week for six years since September 2013 when Ken Higgott caught 35 in a week. I can’t see this happening again in the foreseeable future, but with fishing you never know, we certainly were not expecting a result like this, and the unpredictability of fishing is what keeps things interesting !

The catch was made up with 6 singles, 1 double, 2 x 20’s, 5 x 30’s, 10 x 40’s, 1 x 50 and 3 x 60’s.

Arriving with a target of five fish, John has naturally been absolutely delighted with his week’s fishing, which has been a real catch of a lifetime ! I’m personally very happy to see John enjoy a catch like this as I know how much interest in the venue he has, and how much homework and preparation comes before each visit. With two trips booked for 2020 and a fortnight in 2021, John will of course always remember this trip but realise that it was a one-off, and will refer to the benchmark of one fish a day, which is often, (but not always) achievable !

Les Croix – 14 September, 2019