Les Croix – 02 November, 2019

30 June, 2020

An incredible end to the 2019
season !

Despite the more challenging weather conditions in the second week, Jim has still managed to catch 19 carp. A flurry of 8 fish on the last day after the high pressure departed helped to boost the catch in the second week which included 3 x singles, 2 x doubles, 1 x 20, 5 x 30’s, 5x 40’s, 2 x 50’s and a 60.

The total for the fortnight is a staggering 45 carp !

Jim has declared his two fortnight visits to Les Croix as his “six monthly fix” and with 2 x fortnight trips secured in spring and autumn of 2020 it would certainly appear that he is now a confirmed Les Croix addict !

Its always a pleasure having someone who appreciates the quality of the venue so much, and of course we value greatly all of our regular customers, without whom we could not continue.

The 2019 season has been excellent, no-one has blanked this year, despite one or two trying their best to do so (!) and we have had a record week and now a record fortnight. With the progress of the stockies over the last few years we now have a stock of fish that is forever improving, despite having lost a few of the bigger originals during the last 5 years, and our stocking programme is paying off very nicely. The future looks good !

Les Croix – 02 November, 2019