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Lac Baleine is a 23 acre secluded lake located in Champagne region of France set in 40 acres of private land. From Calais the lake can be reached by road in just over 3 hours. Local supermarkets are within easy driving distance.

A maximum of 12 anglers can fish the lake at any one time meaning there is vast water coverage per angler. There is a good head of carp ranging from 20s up to 64lb which is the lake record as of 2016. Most of the fish are between the 30lb to 50lb bracket. The lake is fenced all the way around and has a gated entrance.

Lac Baleine is lined with mature overhanging trees and surrounded by fields and woodland meaning you get complete peace and tranquillity.  The lake is rectangular in shape with one end narrowing to about a third of the width of the of the other end of the lake. There are 2 islands, one is in the centre of the lake and is fairly large and can be cast to from a number of swims on either side of the lake. The other island is smaller and towards the wider part of the lake. Both islands are covered by large mature trees which overhang into the water and are natural patrol routes for the carp.

There are 23 spacious swims on the lake which can all accommodate a bivvy. Given that the lake is limited to a maximum of 12 anglers at any one time this means there are always a good selection of free swims if you think a move is required during the course of your session. Approximately 10 to 12 swims are doubles and can accommodate 2 anglers.

The lake is well suited to English style carp fishing and a persistent little and often baiting strategy can pay huge dividends when the fish move in on your baited area. Bait boats are permitted as well as rowing boats. There are no poison chat, crayfish or bream.


Per angler April, May, Sept, Oct – £275

Lake Exclusive April, May, Sept, Oct – £2750

Per Angler June, July, Aug – £250

Lake Exclusive June, July, Aug – £2500

Mixture of commons and mirrors

Good head of 30s, 40s with a handful of fish over the 50lbs barrier.

The lake record as of 2016 is a 64lb mirror

English Bailiff

Social cabin for anglers

Hot showers open 24/7 on both sides of the lake

24/7 english style toilets

Full vehicle access including parking behind swims

- Arrive at the lake no earlier than 1pm and depart no later than 9.30am
- Vehicles are permitted around the lake and parked adjacent to your swim. In very wet conditions vehicles should be parked off the grass.
- Please leave showers and toilets clean. Report and problems to the bailiff immediately
- Minimum landing net 42”
- You are also required to have with you a large floatation/ weigh sling and carp care kit
- There are no bait however use all bait in sensible quantities
- Boats and bait boats must be used sensibly
- Boats can only be used for baiting up and landing fish
- Rods can be fished at a maximum of 100 meters. Please be considerate of other anglers
- Maximum 3 rods per angler
- No braided mainline
- Minimum mainline 15lbs
- Fish-safe rigs only
- Only fish from the designated swims
- No swimming
- No fires
- Anti social behavior can lead to you being asked to leave the lake
- Ensure swims are kept clean and tidy

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Mixture of commons and mirrors

Good head of 30s, 40s with a handful of fish over the 50lbs barrier.

The lake record as of 2016 is a 64lb mirror

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