28/09/2017 – Heron Lake

21 January, 2018

Heron Lake

Mark and Terry returned for their second trip of the year and their 14th trip in total – 26.8M, 34.0M, 33.0M, 20.0M, 28.0M, 29.8M, 22.0C, 20.8C, 31.4M, 36.8M, 42.4M, 30.8M, 29.9M, 22.0C, 32.0M, 38.0C, 27.0C, 30.0M, 30.0M, 26.2M, 30.2M, 20.0C, 28.8M, 43.0M, 20.0C, 24.0M, 33.2M, 33.9M, 33.0C.

29 Fish, Total Weight 857lbs, Average Weight 29.55lbs.

28/09/2017 – Heron Lake