Catch Reports related to Firs Lake

Mr Germani and a friend again had a scorcher of a week. Most days hitting 35 degrees and dropping to only 24 degrees at night, They did manage a few carp to 27 lbs they also lost a few including a very large catfish.

Mr Bush said he had a great time at Firs, fishing was mainly done for a couple hours in the morning and a few hours in the evenings with days out during the day. He managed 18 fish including carp to 31lbs 12 ozs, a catfish of 55lbs and stumpy at 13lbs. Top angling Simon […]

Andy Dade has been to willow before thought he would try out Firs, he managed 18 fish including carp to 36lbs 12ozs, cats to 43lbs, “crackles the Koi” @26lbs 4ozs and stumpy @ 15lbs