Non-Exclusive Lake Bivvy Only

Search non exclusive bivvy only carp lakes in France to book your next fishing trip. These venues usually larger waters that cannot be hired exclusively but are booked on a per angler basis so it is likely you may share the lake with other anglers.

Click on the venues to read information on the lake including the fish stock and the facilities available at the venues. Read feedback and catch reports from other anglers as well as news posted by the venue owners or mangers. Contact the lake owner directly at the click button to make enquiries and book your fishing holiday.

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Genesis Lake is a mature 12 acre lake located in a small hamlet called La Chaussee, Orne in Lower Normandy which can accommodate up to 6 anglers. It conveniently located within 15 minutes of local supermarkets and shops. When you

Bill’s Lake 3 is a stunning tree lined 8 acre lake available to fish for a maximum of 6 anglers. Dug out over 30 years ago as a gravel pit, the lake holds carp in excess of 70lbs! The lake

Lac Baleine is a 23 acre secluded lake located in Champagne region of France set in 40 acres of private land. From Calais the lake can be reached by road in just over 3 hours. Local supermarkets are within easy

Millstone Pool is 7 acre lake and one of four lakes in the Limousin Region of Central France near Nexon run by Mirror Pool Fisheries. The lake is approximately 15 miles from Limoges which is 30 minutes from the Dordogne.

Meadow Lake is one of 4 lakes in the Limousin Region in Central France run by Mirror Pool Fisheries. It is a 10 acre lake which accommodates up to 6 anglers with a stock of 190 carp. It is situated

China Lake is a mature tree lined 17 acre lake set in 80 acres of private woodland located in Les Kaolins in Southern Brittany. The lake is easily accessed from ferry ports, Roscoff being the nearest one which is approximately two

The lake of Morliere is at the heart of the Perche region, one of the most natural regions of France, on the border of Normandy. On an enclosed and completely private estate, this beautiful and a typical 6 acre lake

Lake 2 is the smallest lake of the 5 at only 6 acres in size. The are 7 swims which have been well spread out across 2 banks of the lake. Have a look at the photos which show how

Lac Noir is stunning 8 acre catfish lake, with large carp also present. Surrounded by mature trees, the lake has been largely undisturbed until a few years ago when it was purchased by the current lake owners. With cats to

Moorlands Fisheries is located in the Burgundy Region in East Central France, approximately 6 hours drive from Calais, and is an idyllic 14 acre carp lake set in 33 acres of private woodland. The carp stock will not disappoint with